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My new blog
01 October 2008

Since my involvment in KDE has been quite pathetic lately, it's probably not ideal to have random un-KDE-related thoughts being written on the kdedevelopers site. Hence the creation of this new blog, hosted at my personal space. This way I can feel free to write about whatever I like without feeling ashamed that the entry is not really related to KDE (which will probably be most posts I'd write in the future anyway), or that I'm not really contributing to KDE at the time of writing.

I still feel like I will return to a more active state of coding Krita stuff one day, really, so I guess I'm keeping the old kdedevelopers blog for a while. I have no clue how much I'll blog in this new blog, if at all, but if my old one is a good indicator, updates will be quite sporadic at best =)

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