Bart Coppens

myself in the Swiss alps

This is my personal page. I'm currently employed as a post-doctoral researcher by Ghent University, ELIS, Computer Systems Lab (Faculty of Engineering and Architecture). I also have a research-related homepage at the university.

Some of my (past) interests


You can always contact me at 'kde' @ this .be domain, or 'first name' . 'last name' @

My PGP key fingerprint is 651695B05F29CF10 (also available on

My LinkedIn profile.

Or, being social, Facebook and Twitter.


Some of the presentations I've given. Warning: I typically like to have lots of (animated) diagrams without much additional text, and then explain everything verbally using those diagrams. So in isolation the slides might be a bit useless, but they can be useful for others trying to explain the same topics with diagrams.

Some projects/organizations I like/support



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