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This is my personal page. I'm currently employed as a post-doctoral researcher by Ghent University, ELIS, Computer Systems Lab (Faculty of Engineering and Architecture). I also have a research-related homepage at the university.


These are some of my pet projects that are currently available online, and that are large or interesting enough to have a short description. Some other projects can be found in my list of interests, and even more I just never put online.

a picture of a Raspberry Pi B+ and an Adafruit WS2812 LED ring
Small project to make a Linux kernel driver for the Broadcom's PWM peripheral, so that my Raspberry Pi B+ can drive WS2812 LED strips.
lll :: [[Rational]] -> Basis
A very basic Haskell implementation of the LLL (Lenstra-Lenstra-Lovász) lattice reduction algorithm and Babai's method for the Closest Vector Problem. It's also available on Hackage, through cabal install Lattices. Originally written to learn myself a bit more about lattice-based attacks in crypto, but it might also be useful for other areas.
sPutPacket :: ClientPacket -> SshConnection ()
*Main> :main localhost
Password for bartcopp@localhost:
I wanted to write a non-trivial piece of code in Haskell, and settled on an SSH client. Currently it's in a very unfinished state, and I doubt I'd ever be able to recommend trusting it with your private data, but it's still fun to toy with. Requires that diffie-hellman-group1-sha1 is in the list of sshd's KexAlgorithms, and currently only works decently when run from a REPL.
A picture of the PCB for the ADL5536
For my weather satellite experiments amplifier, I experimented with using an ADL5536 as a pre-amp. The resulting PCB is pretty simple, but as it the first time I ever made a PCB I'm still pretty pleased with it.
  • Photography: recent pictures are taken with an EOS 5D Mark III, the rest is taken with my EOS 350D (a few very old ones are scans from back when I used an Asahi Pentax ES II).
  • Music that I like.
  • Books that I read.
  • Mobile Vikings Home applet for the N900: a quick way to view your MV balance on your N900.
  • Some of my code I put on GitHub, and some of my code I put on Bitbucket.
  • Krita: a graphical tool for KDE.
  • Aikido, a martial art (which I practice at the GUSB/Watersportbaan and Driebeken dojos in Ghent).
  • Some radio amateur-related things. Currently limited to receiving the NOAA/Meteor weather satellites at 137MHz. I'll probably add some more details here in the future. The ADL5536 PCB is part of that.

Some of the presentations I've given. Warning: I typically like to have lots of (animated) diagrams without much additional text, and then explain everything verbally using those diagrams. So in isolation the slides might be a bit useless, but they can be useful for others trying to explain the same topics with diagrams.

Part of a slide on buffer-based exploits
Starts from the basics: what's a buffer overflow (with x86-64 assembly examples), and how can this be exploited in the absence of any exploit mitigation. Then I show some of the existing mitigations, and how they can be circumvented.

You can always contact me at 'kde' @ this .be domain, or 'first name' . 'last name' @

My PGP key fingerprint is 651695B05F29CF10 (also available on

My LinkedIn profile.

Or, being social, Facebook and Twitter.

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